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Michelle Abadie - maj and maltby designs

Michelle Abadie has been making books for many years. Some commercially but mostly hand produced. To see a selection of past titles CLICK HERE. These titles are unfortunately no longer available.

To see the commercial titles CLICK HERE. These include artists' catalogues, including Steven Marshall, and a John Hinde postcard book showing the classic fronts as well as the poignant and funny messages on the backs. This was produced with Susan Beale.

In February 2011, Michelle Abadie and photographer Marcus Davies started to restore 45 of the original transparencies that were used to print the  classic 1960s and 70s postcards. One of the aims of the project was to raise the profile of photographer John Hinde. The edition prints were launched at Vintage Festival July 2011 at the Royal Festival Hall in London. They received a lot of press attention and the prints have been internationally exhibited.

CLICK HERE to more information on John Hinde Collection and CLICK HERE for other events and projects that Michelle Abadie has been involved with.