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CB Catalogue 2012

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Chegford Biennial Catalogue 2012

Part of the photography series, this book is the catalogue to an ongoing biennial photography project.

Anonymity, illusion and subterfuge is the focus of The Chegford Biennial project.  

There are no facts pertaining to this event that can be researched. That the images are here before you is the only proof that it took place. They can only to be taken on face value. 

In our world reality and fiction collide, disorientate and confuse.  

People seem to think that the real world has more significance once it's been photographed or filmed. Coincidently most people experience things through a lens rather than relying on their experiences, eyes and memories. Yet so much of what we see has been photoshopped or digitally treated in some way and we readily accept the plausibility of CGI in films. 

The photoshopped image has changed our standards of reality. We constantly experience destabilizing feelings as everyone knows about photographic manipulation or trickery. This mistrust of images wasn't commonplace until digital technology. However, plenty of theorists made a deceit of the fact that the camera never lies but photography has been lying since long before digital cameras existed. Various deceits are in the moment one chooses to photograph, what is in or out of frame, how one develops the film or photograph, or the choice to recreate an event previously not photographed.  

The Chegford Biennial and its projects record work solely produced for inclusion into catalogues of that work shown at the invented Chegford Biennial.

For further information on Chegford Biennial, please click here.

First copy produced November 2013, revised edition September 2016
Pages: 48pp, 4 colour
Paper: 140gsm, matt double sided
Format: Hard cover, dust jacket, hand saddle stitched, laser printed
Size: 148 mm x 148 mm (approx.)
Edition: each book is numbered


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