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Grandad's Slides

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Grandad's Slides

Holiday photos taken in 1960s. The scanned slides have a nostalgic quality. Some are reminiscent of paintings but all of them are very different to the digital photography we have become used to. This is also a document of how we holidayed abroad in 1960s, if we holidayed at all. Photographs were expensive and limited to a roll of film, so we were careful what we photographed and it was different to what we might today. Technology and age makes the subjects and colours of these slides exotic. There is a visual narrative throughout.

Granddad's Slides is an exhibition of scanned family holiday slides taken in the 1960s, which was part of The Chegford Biennial 2012.

The Chegford Biennial and its projects record work solely produced for inclusion into catalogues of that work shown at the invented Chegford Biennial.

First copy produced 2014, revised edition September 2016
Pages: 48pp, 4 colour
Paper: 140gsm, matt double sided
Format: Hard cover, dust jacket, hand saddle stitched, laser printed
Size: 148 mm x 148 mm (approx.)
Edition: each book is numbered


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All books are compiled and individually hand made by Michelle Abadie on request.